A client once told us that Tamming Law was unlike any law firm he had ever worked with. When plans change, when the unexpected arises, we keep you informed every step of the way. For two decades, we’ve been personally committed to each of our clients and have established a reputation for legal excellence throughout Grey, Bruce and Simcoe counties. Take a few minutes to read testimonials from some of our previous clients. Contact Tamming Law today to discuss your case with one of our experienced lawyers.

No One Expects to Enjoy A Visit to The Lawyer, But...

"It’s hard enough to deal with an injury, let alone the pain of surgery and months of rehab. The lifestyle changes were huge both for myself and my husband. That’s still an ongoing process. It was reassuring to know that we were well taken care of legally by John and his staff. Everybody was more than willing to help and give us the advice we needed. John and Mischa not only looked after us legally, but they cared personally. They asked how I was doing and were sincerely concerned about my wellbeing. No one expects to enjoy a trip to the lawyer’s office, but John and Mischa made it fun every time. John and his team are very professional, and we highly recommend them to anyone with an injury who needs help and legal advice. You're in good hands with the Tamming group!

- Thank you from the B’s


"I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you all put into my case. I was very uncomfortable in the beginning, but you all helped me to feel welcome and worthy of my case after my fall. Phone calls and encouragement all through the process was awesome! Dealing with my pain has been tough as it is, so having the respect and care I was given by the law firm was so helpful. I am happy to have this settled and hope I never require the services you offer again, but will certainly give your name to anyone who may need the help! Mesha you are amazing and compassionate and so down to earth! Thanks again to all of you!"

- TM

Glad I Came

“I was hit by a car while I was out jogging and my insurance company told me that because I had received chiropractic care for 16 weeks and was able to go back to work on a part-time basis, I wasn’t entitled to anything more. I am sure glad I came to see your office.”

- A client in Craigleith


“You are a unique law firm with a caring attitude.”

- A client in Sault Ste. Marie

Excellent Attention

“I am a working professional and went to the John A. Tamming law firm on the recommendation of several friends. I was impressed with the expertise and efficiency of John and his staff. They explained all of the legal processes and always kept me informed of what the next step would be. I would certainly recommend John Tamming to anyone wanting excellent attention to a legal matter.”

- A client in Georgian Bluffs

Sun Therapy!

"I am thrilled to be able to get started finding some good quality therapy and maybe even get some sun therapy somewhere since I haven’t had a vacation since my accident. Thank you for all your hard work and patience with me. It was very nice to work with your team, I felt well taken care of."

- A client

I Knew I was in Good Hands

"I suffered a broken ankle injury in an incident related to repairs to my roof by a contractor. Laid up at home, I contacted John's office and he came to my house within a day to discuss the incident, the potential for a recovery lawsuit, and the technical details of conducting the lawsuit, as well as the pros & cons. From that day on I knew I was in good hands, and the excellent communications, advice & arrangements continued steadily until a settlement was reached and an award assigned. The services provided were very professional and all John's staff were helpful, supportive & knowledgeable. I am now back on two feet and will be forever grateful to John for his excellent services and favourable award."

- A very satisfied client in Port Elgin

Thank You For All Your Help

“It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride these last couple of years. At last the climb to the top has been reached. I want to thank everyone there for all the help you and your staff has given both of us.”

- A client

Going to Bat for the Underdog

“If anyone else ever needed someone to go to bat for the underdog, I wouldn’t hesitate to give them your name.”

- A client in Meaford

Treating Clients with Respect & Honesty

“From the first moment I contacted John Tamming's practice after my accident I was treated with the utmost respect and honesty. Throughout the process they kept me well informed and never made me feel as though I was being a nuisance with all of my questions and concerns. Nothing but praise and respect for Mr. Tamming and his team in Owen Sound. Thanks for turning what seemed to be a hopeless situation around and getting me a settlement I am very pleased with.”

- A client

Helped Me Keep My House

“I felt like the insurance company was denying there was anything wrong with me, I was stressed out and I didn’t know what to do. Your firm helped me get my benefits back on track, which helped me to keep my house."

- A client in Dyer’s Bay

Eased Our Concerns

“After my daughter was bitten in the face by a dog, I contacted John, he came to my house – eased all of our concerns and we didn’t have to wait years to resolve the issues. John and his staff understand how stressful litigation can be and they moved things along as quickly as possible for us. I am so grateful for all that John, Jessica and Kelli did for my daughter.”

- A client in Redwing

Treating Clients with Respect & Honesty

“From the first moment I contacted John Tamming's practice after my accident I was treated with the utmost respect and honesty. Throughout the process they kept me well informed and never made me feel as though I was being a nuisance with all of my questions and concerns. Nothing but praise and respect for Mr. Tamming and his team in Owen Sound. Thanks for turning what seemed to be a hopeless situation around and getting me a settlement I am very pleased with.”

- A client

Professional and Honest Approach

“Thank you once again for taking on my mother’s case and bringing it to a successful end. Your professional and honest approach made my mom comfortable with the process and very happy with the result. I might add that it has been a pleasure to correspond and chat with Mischa. She is truly an asset to your firm and a really nice person. My mother cannot say enough about how great she was during the past year.”

- A client

Thank You for Your Help

"I'd like to thank John, Jessica and the staff for all their help with my motor vehicle crash issues."

- A client

Caring and Thoughtful

“Mr. Tamming is a very caring and thoughtful lawyer who works 100% on his client's behalf... I had a major slip and fall, all was resolved in a timely manner without stress on me! I want to thank him and his staff for everything!!”

- A client

Thank You!

“John Tamming is extremely intelligent and knows what he is doing. He dealt with my case over three years and continued to be patient throughout it. Thank you John and Mischa for all your help!”

- A client

All Business, Great Professionalism

"Everybody did a great job down there. Since the first day I walked into your place I knew when I looked around that I was in the right spot. You have a team of professionals there, and John should be very proud of his team. I tell anybody who is interested and I let them know who represented me and how happy I was with the service. I'm very, very pleased with your professionalism. It's all business, and that's something you don't see too often when you walk into a place, and for that I'm grateful. Thank you very much."

- A client

Always Patient and Took the Time to Explain

“I would like to thank you and all your staff for the professional way my settlement was handled. It was a challenging case that took three years. You were always patient and took time to explain all aspects of the case. If I need any assistance in the future, I know I could count on you and your staff. Thank you for bringing this nightmare to a close. A very grateful client.”

- D.

Out of This World

“Thank you all for your support and understanding in the last 3½ years. I have never had to deal with the law before and cannot express how wonderful your law firm is. John, you and your staff are out of this world! I cannot say thank you enough for all your help and care for us!”

- A client in South Bruce

You Truly Represent Me

““At our first meeting, John took the time to come and see me in my own home, he was honest, knowledgeable and showed a genuine interest in my case. All the meetings are relaxed and unpretentious. I like the personal service and how I always feel that I am very important. I appreciate how you truly hear me and my concerns, and are constantly looking out for my best interests and making sure that I receive all that I am entitled to. I feel that you truly represent me.”

- A client in Collingwood

Down to Earth

“Thank you for being so down to earth. We felt very comfortable with all of you. Thank you for your professionalism.”

- A client in Sauble Beach

My Choice in a Lawyer Was the Right One

""I thought that my employment case would be a challenge for Mr. Tamming, but at our first meeting he proved that my choice in a lawyer was the right one. He listened and cared about the employment situation I had been in at a previous job. His team members acted quickly and accordingly towards my specific case. They were all a pleasure to work with. He successfully obtained a settlement and I was so happy my rights had been protected."

- A client

Strong Representation

“I won, it’s finally over! After nearly 5 years, a long, gruelling battle is over! Jessica and Mischa—simply amazing. Mr. John Tamming, you are one hell of a lawyer!”

- A client

Professional Support and Quick Resolution

“Mr. Tamming and his staff helped me navigate through a very stressful and emotional employment situation. They were very understanding, professional, supportive, and responded quickly to all of my questions even when I asked the same question more than once. Since that first visit, I knew they were in my corner. Mr. Tamming's office brought quick resolution to my situation, and I am very satisfied with the that resolution. I know now I would have been very unhappy with the outcome had I not engaged Mr. Tamming and his team. Their experience and guidance made the world of difference in my outcome.”

- A client in Owen Sound

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