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At Tamming Law, we are proud to provide experienced legal services to Owen Sound families and individuals. We also service the Grey, Bruce, and Simcoe counties, and throughout the rest of the province with satellite offices in Port Elgin and Collingwood. We have an experienced team that combines a range of education and experience to preserve your best interests in the legal challenges you face. The law is complicated and to properly navigate it, you should have experienced legal representation standing by you at all times.

Types of Cases

Tamming Law is proud to represent clients in cases related to:

 Accident benefit claims

 Medical Malpractice

 Civil litigation

 CPP claims

 Employment law


 Insurance claims

 Long-term disability

 Motor vehicle accidents

 Personal injuries

 Sexual abuse cases

Slip and fall accidents

 Wrongful dismissal

Each legal situation is different, and they don’t all require a lawyer. However, there are many situations where you should retain a lawyer. For those times when you do need legal services in Owen Sound, turn to the experienced team at Tamming Law. We strive to provide top-notch legal services whether you have a personal injury suit, a medical malpractice case, disability or insurance claims, or anything else. 

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Not having a lawyer can actually cost you more money. Going into certain cases unprepared can hurt you financially or even end with you spending time behind bars. For many cases, a lawyer will know how to challenge evidence, find expert witnesses and private detectives, properly file court documents, and handle other legal procedures, negotiate a plea bargain, and assist you with a variety of other legal services in Owen Sound. 

It is also important to remember that the other party will have legal representation, which will put you at a disadvantage if you go into the case without an attorney at your side as well. Even in a non-adversarial civil case where you’re simply entering into a legal agreement, the other party may be able to take advantage of you, leaving you with a deal that will be detrimental to you.

An experienced lawyer has likely seen many cases similar to yours and will be able to make a guess as to what the outcome will be. Sometimes, it is better to settle out of court and other times it makes sense to see it through to trial. An attorney can help negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with the opposing party.

Whenever you need legal services in Owen Sound, Port Elgin, and Collingwood, make sure you contact Tamming Law. Whether your case goes to trial or enters mediation, having an experienced attorney at your side every step of the way is always to your benefit. Contact our team today to discuss your case with one of our team members. We aim to assist you with personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance claims, wrongful dismissals, and many other cases.

We are always looking forward to helping people with their unique legal situations.

Don’t hesitate to contact any of our three locations: Owen Sound, Port Elgin and Collingwood. You can also read our FAQ and view our testimonials. For more questions, fill out the online form

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