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A Periodic Word to My Wonderful Clients

I am soccer obsessed. I play in a rec league twice a week and have a run at a puffers pickup game every summer Wednesday evening. I am not very good, but I aim for a couple of decent touches per game. I am trying hard to remain loyal to the Toronto FC as well, despite their Leafs' like record some years.

My favourite set piece play remains the corner kick. Some corners work, many do not. Some are hit too flat and bang off a defender, others are struck too close to the keeper for an easy save. But occasionally, one arcs in beautifully or is headed in by a teammate.

In these occasional postings, I hope to launch a decent corner kick every now and then. My musings may be about a specific case or some reflections on matters as various as the nature of pain, how to be a good plaintiff, the latest on head injuries, and why courts decide things the way they do.

If they help you, if the odd reflection ends up in the net, so much the better. Enjoy. I welcome your topic suggestions.


  • slip and fall injury lawyer in Collingwood
    20/08/2020 0 Comments
    Take Care in Choosing a Lawyer After a Personal Injury Accident

    When it comes to choosing a lawyer after a car accident, there are many factors to consider and weigh carefully. You want a lawyer who practices personal injury law, who you can trust to protect your rights, advance your interests and help you to obtain the most compensation for your injuries and income loss. Below are details on how you may consider choosing a lawyer if you or a loved one have been injured in car accident.

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  • car accident lawyer in Owen Sound
    20/08/2020 0 Comments
    Working Towards Car Accident Settlements

    Lawsuits arising from injuries sustained in car accidents are extremely common. In an accident of any level of severity, it is common for one or more people to suffer minor injuries, if not more serious injuries such as broken bones, concussion, or whiplash. These injuries result in expenses such as lost income and medical treatments, and litigants also seek “general damages”, which are harder to quantify damages for pain and suffering.

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  • Distraught woman and daughter sitting on brown couch crying.
    26/05/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Claim Eligibility: Dealing With The Injury or Death of A Loved One

    No man or woman is an island.   


    Every tragedy ripples throughout many lives.  Our society has recognized this for some time and our laws now reflect this.  Family members such as you may sue for the injuries or death caused to their loved ones.   Many times that compensation is nowhere near what is proper.  But the numbers have moved up in recent years and that is a good thing.

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  • Large blue ATV collides with children's ATV in a field.
    19/05/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments

    Sadly, all too often children can and do get injured: 

    • An adult insists that a 10 year old neighbour have a spin on his ATV, which then crashes into a tree.  
    • A man rigs up his own zipline and a 15 year old girl falls from it, shattering her feet.  
    • A toddler at a daycare pulls a TV onto her, causing a catastrophic brain injury.


    These are just a few of the cases Tamming Law firm has handled over the years.  We consider it an honour to be trusted with ensuring the future welfare of your child.  How the claim is handled and resolved can and will affect the rest of his or her life. They are a priority. 

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  • Distracted driver texting on their phone while behind the wheel of a car.
    01/05/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    The Grim Reality of Distracted Driving

    Did you know that distracted driving causes more fatal car crashes than impaired driving?

    In Ontario alone, the number of deaths caused by distracted drivers has doubled in the past 15 years. Statistics also show that one person is injured every 30 minutes as a result of distracted driving, and that you’re four times more likely to crash when unfocused and inattentive on the roads.


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  • Construction worker holding sledge hammer looks on to a worker welding chains.
    23/04/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments

    Dave called me up last year.  He worked for the same Collingwood construction company for 27 years.  He was good at what he did and was well paid.

    Last year, the company announced that Dave’s construction unit would be sold. The word went out that all jobs would be preserved, but there was one little hitch — employees had to sign this piece of paper.


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  • Woman types on her computer while wearing a medical mask.
    09/04/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Your Job And The Corona Virus – Your Questions Answered (For non-unionized employees only)

    Let Tamming Law help answer your questions about your employment and the Corona Virus Crisis.


    Canada has never faced a crisis of this nature before.  Most employers are running scared.  Their cash on hand is being drained as they try to continue to make payroll.  Most employees are also worried about their jobs.  


    The only good news is that while these may be unprecedented economic times, Ontario law already more or less covers the rights and obligations of worker and employer.  There is actually not much mystery when it comes to that. 


    Let’s get at your questions.


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  • Man in yellow hardhat falls from ladder and lies on the floor motionless.
    01/04/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments

    If you are injured in the course of many kinds of work, often you have no right to sue.  You are stuck with the inferior benefits of our worker’s compensation system (“WSIB”). 

    The law puts a huge “No Trespassing” sign in front of your local courthouse and bars you from entering.  There are exceptions (many of them, actually), but that is the general rule for many injured people.


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  • Man in a grey suit adjust his orange tie.
    25/03/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Being a Great Plaintiff – A Short How-To Guide

    With luck, you will only be a plaintiff once in your life. No one goes to school for this, and I have noticed that there really is not much literature on how to be a plaintiff. Lawyers somehow assume that clients will “get it” somehow and usually after a year or two, they do. But let’s try to frontload things for a change.

    To that end, I offer my top four suggestions on how to be a terrific plaintiff.

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  • Aerial shot of Owen Sound and harbour.
    05/03/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Knowing the Lay of the Land – The Advantages of a Local Lawyer

    It seems to me about once a month we inherit a client from another law firm located out of this region. These clients are almost always frustrated. They have had limited to no face-to-face communication with the law clerks working on the file, let alone the lawyer. We recently heard of a lawyer who could not bother to drive up here to discuss settling a very serious case and demanded that the client Skype in instead. Seriously. Given all the complexity of a personal injury claim, rarely can they be properly advanced when the lawyer’s office is three hours away.

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  • Snowy bridge with man walking in the distance.
    20/02/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Completely Avoidable Tragedy of Slips & Falls

    “You should have watched where you were going.”

    Last year, 21,000 Ontarians attended emergency wards after falling on ice or snow. Some were drinking. Others were wearing Crocs. Still others were running like it was a summer day. Some injured victims do attract blame. But thousands were injured solely due to the failure of store owners, apartment building owners or towns do to the decent Canadian thing: They failed to take a moment to inspect their walkway; they failed to shovel; and they failed to sprinkle salt and sand as needed.

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  • Upset man sits on a brown leather couch with his right hand on his forehead.
    05/02/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Denied Long Term Disability Benefits? Are You Wondering Why?

    You care about right and wrong a whole lot more than your insurer does.

    To you, it is a matter of fairness. You paid for your benefits for years and you deserve to call on the insurer when you are at your most vulnerable. 


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  • Golden statue of Lady Justice with a blue sky background.
    03/02/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    A Pause to Reflect on the Rule of Law

    Seventy five years ago, farm boys from Manitoba and steelworkers from Hamilton marched to liberate my parents’ homeland, the Netherlands. Thousands remained behind, their graves kept immaculate by Dutch schoolchildren. Under the occupation, judges were appointed by occupying forces, police chiefs became untrustworthy and the rule of law was systematically subverted by the ideology of National Socialism. My parents told me what it meant on a daily basis not to trust the very institutions we assume are there to safeguard our rights and promote justice.


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  • Woman with long hair and hood smiling at camera.
    06/01/2020 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    The Joy of Getting Fired

    “Getting fired is nature’s way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place.” – anon

    Sometimes a person loses her job out of the blue; she never saw it coming. But I have found that usually the employee has an idea of what is coming down, that he has been unhappy with the work for many years.

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  • Business man in suit pointing toward camera.
    12/12/2019 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Harassed at Work? Your Options & Determining If You Have a Claim

    I receive more calls and emails about workplace harassment topics than anything else. And that makes sense – many of us spend more time with our manager and co-workers than we do with our spouses.  When work goes south, we go south.


    My boss called me fat.  I’ve been cut out of important meetings.  I’ve been told that I am stupid and that I should have been fired years ago.  When I took time off to care for my child, I was given the cold shoulder on my return.  My boss asked if I was wearing that dress for him.


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  • The word "Justice" spelt out in scrabble tiles.
    02/12/2019 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    The Joy of Suing: When a Criminal Does You Harm

    Most lawsuits are not intended to punish people. Most legal actions are over negligence or breach of contract – a driver who swerved over a centre line or an employer who failed to pay a decent severance.

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  • Driver view of side mirror with bike and debris on roadway.
    04/04/2019 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Why is it so important to consult a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    A personal injury accident is a serious matter that warrants a legal consultation.

    You may have lost income from being off of work and incurred out of pocket expenses. You may have injuries with a long recovery time or injuries that never heal.

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  • A surgeon with a headlamp and tools looks down on a patient.
    04/04/2019 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Medical Malpractice – When Is It Time to Get a Lawyer?

    If you or a family member has been injured after a medical procedure gone bad, you may wish to speak to our firm.


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  • Scales of justice balancing time and money.
    03/04/2019 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    You Don’t Pay Legal Fees Unless We Win – Is It True?


    No one has separate bank savings marked “legal fees”.  No one.  Most people are barely getting by in life financially.  When an accident or disability hits, almost no one can afford to pay a lawyer monthly in order to obtain compensation.  

    That is where we step in.


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  • Woman contemplatively standing outside during sunset.
    01/06/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    The Hardest Step – When a Survivor of Sexual Abuse Comes Forward

    There are a hundred reasons why people don’t claim for sexual abuse. Some are solid reasons, some are rooted in myths.


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  • The wreckage of a red car that's been in an accident.
    23/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    How the 2016 Legislative Changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule Have Impacted Ontario Drivers

    Starting back in 2016, Ontario legislation impacted Ontario drivers in an effort to reduce auto insurance premiums. 

    There was a new definition of catastrophic impairment, more optional coverages, modified coverage limits and new restrictions on driver rating. 

    A car accident lawyer in Owen Sound can discuss with you how these changes may impact you.


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  • Defamed woman looking at camera with tear rolling down her cheek.
    17/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Online Defamation Just Got a Lot More Expensive

    There are some nasty people out there who will go to any length to assassinate another's character. In the old days, such libel took some effort and time.

    Now all you do is type for a few seconds, hit send and you can defame someone from Port Elgin to Collingwood.


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  • Close up of social media icons on a mobile device.
    17/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    How Social Media Use Can Result In Employment Termination

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:  nice to have but possibly fatal to your career.

    Improper use of social media can lead to damaged corporate reputations, fractured workplaces and upset co-workers.

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  • 17/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Long-term Disability: Your Questions Answered

    It is an awful realization to discover the rejection of your long-term disability (LTD) claim. The very purpose of LTD insurance is to protect you financially when you need it because you can’t work due to an illness, injury or accident. If you’re in the process of determining whether to dispute the denial, consider some of the common reasons LTD claims are denied. With the legal assistance of a disability lawyer in Owen Sound, several disputes about your benefits can be resolved.

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  • Woman looking toward camera has Facebook logo reflecting in her sunglasses.
    17/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    The Dangers of Facebook

    I like Facebook. It is easy to use and handy for keeping in touch. It can also harm a personal injury lawsuit.


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  • A pedestrian sign sits above a flooded roadway.
    17/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    Of Floods and Blood Tests – That Maddening Insurance Policy

    It was a lovely Muskoka Spring day in 2013. Cheryl arrived to see her travel trailer upside down, a 5,600Ib smoker on its side and water in her basement. The day before, a wall of water had smashed into her home, ruining much of it. A tiny dam upstream of her property had burst and her lovely home had just paid the price. Thinking it was a no brainer, she made an insurance claim with help from her lawyer in Owen Sound. Denied. Peel Insurance argued that this specific type of flood was not covered by the policy.


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  • A yellow sign indicating opposite directions between right and wrong.
    17/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments
    As Pure as the Driven Snow – When You Manage a Loved One’s Money

    Perhaps your child suffered a brain injury in a car accident and you are in charge of managing his settlement. Or perhaps your father is elderly and you hold his power of attorney of property.


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  • Close up of man with glasses looking intently toward camera.
    17/05/2018 - John Tamming 0 Comments

    Let’s spice this up a bit and begin with a love triangle of sorts.


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