Sexual Abuse

Dependable Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Owen Sound

The traumatic effect of sexual abuse often leads to stress disorder and depression for the victims. At Tamming Law, we understand the pain and psychological trauma survivor go through. Our lawyers not only strive to provide justice to the victims but ensure that the abusers are held accountable. If you are looking for a reliable sexual abuse lawyer in Owen Sound, Tamming Law is the right place.


With over 25 years of experience, we provide result-oriented legal services to our clients. We fight for your legal rights and protect your interests irrespective of complications involved in your case.
Our lawyers can assist you in:
• Suing the accuser and harasser
• Handling documentation and legal procedures
• Conducting a thorough investigation
• Negotiating a reasonable settlement
• Finding witnesses to support your case
• Developing legal strategies in your favour

What kinds of claims has Tamming Law advanced in the past?

JOHN A. TAMMING was a legal advisor for the First Nation community. Along with his team, he has successfully handled a variety of sexual abuse cases in the past including:
• Sexual abuse case involving teachers accused of grooming students for sexual favours
• Handled a 20-year-old child abuse case
• Polygamy case involving former cult members

What results has Tamming Law achieved for clients?

• Jury verdict
• Restitution and compensation to the victims
• Successfully achieved closure
• Penalties and sentence to the criminals

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Count on our lawyers to get justice. You can also approach our lawyers for long-term disability and child abuse cases.


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