Child Abuse

Theft of Innocence – Child Abuse Claims

The effects of childhood abuse are brutal in nature and life-long in effect. At Tamming Law, we know and remember this fact at all times.

You have been wronged in the most intrusive of ways and we strive to make things somewhat better for you. We say somewhat because we know that no matter what we achieve, nothing will restore a youth who has been violated.

As a survivor, you can expect our office to assist you in numerous ways:

 We will pursue criminal injury compensation.

 We will line you up with an appropriate counselor.

 We will arrange for a comprehensive psychological assessment and we will follow up with its recommendations.

 We will involve the police as appropriate.

 We will identify those who violated you and those who failed to protect you.

 We will do everything in our power to obtain compensation from each and every person who is at fault.

Will we deliver “closure” to you? In candor, no. After two decades of litigating these claims, a client has never told us definitively that they achieved psychological closure. 

That said, survivors do tell us all the time that they are happy that they held someone to account, that they faced their past for the first time with a professional therapist, that they achieved some measure of justice for what they went through.

And if you think about it, that’s not bad.

What Kinds of Claims Has Tamming Law Advanced in the Past?

 We have sued a church for the abuse inflicted by a priest on a generation of kids.

 We have sued foster parents.

 We have sued the Children's Aid Society for failure to screen foster families.

 We have sued stepfathers for breach of trust.

 We have sued siblings for abuse committed by them years ago on younger siblings.

 We have sued for numerous survivors of residential schools.

What Results Has Tamming Law Achieved for Clients?

 Pain and suffering compensation in the hundreds of thousands of dollars

 Large amounts of loss of income

 Funds that can be applied towards counselling expenses

 When sought, apologies

If you have any questions about a possible claim, contact us today. Let’s get started on the road to recovery.

Don’t hesitate to contact any of our three locations: Owen Sound, Port Elgin and Collingwood.

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