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When Things Go Wrong - Medical Errors & Negligence

Medical error & negligence law

Day after day in this region, family physicians, nurses, surgeons and others perform their jobs well. Indeed, many times they perform heroically. They are part of a world class health system and we are fortunate to have them.

However, despite the best of intentions, sometimes things go off the rails. Sometimes this happens with catastrophic results. Certain mistakes are excusable, others are not. Certain errors warrant a claim for compensation, others simply don’t.

Step one is to meet with Tamming Law to see whether, on first blush, there may be a possible claim.

If we meet that test, we then go a step further to the investigation phase. We order all your medical records, interview witnesses and ask an independent medical expert for his or her opinion. We would need 2 opinions in most cases: one that says the medical practitioner was negligent, another which says that such negligence caused you damage.

It’s important to stress that if Tamming Law cannot obtain such an opinion, we cannot proceed with your case. The court is not interested in our personal opinion or yours, no matter how “obvious” or “clear cut” these cases appear to be. The court is only interested in what expert nurses or doctors say about the conduct of the medical professionals who we allege caused you harm. With no supportive opinion, there is no case.

We have, over the years, advanced successful claims for serious post-surgical complications. The family of a woman who died as a result of a hospital fall, a traumatic brain injury caused by an x-ray technician, a client who was prescribed addictive medications with poor oversight as well as numerous other claims. These cases are challenging, difficult and almost always hard fought. We enjoy the challenge.

We have obtained compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitative expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Family members who have helped out
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of capacity to help around the house

If you believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice, contact Tamming Law today. Let’s get to work.

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